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White Stuff

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The relationship with White Stuff started in the early 90’s. We began by designing tee-shirt prints that could be printed and sold from a van in the Alps, the company grew and began to open retail shops and extend their thriving wholesale accounts. The owners of the company wanted from the outset to make their mark, so a very free rein was offered with a brief to experiment, buck the trend and over 25 years later the company has achieved all this and more. Now a multi million £ company it has a huge loyal folowing. Below are just a small taster of projects.

Project 1: Christmas catalogue – to stimulate nostalgic memories in our customer, the catalogue was designed and produced to parody a vintage Radio Times. As with a Radio Times it would hang around on the coffee table for the holiday period and generate more than usual sales.

Project 2: New corporate ID programme

Project 3: Company Brand Book – As the company grew at a rapid rate it was important to establish who they were, what they stood for and where they were heading. This ‘piece’ would be given to staff, press and potential investors alike. The way we decided to approach this was to treat each aspect of the company as a separate ingredient, which when each page was unfolded and the book closed up would come together and represent the company as a tasty sandwich. We developed lunch- boxes and brown paper sandwich bags and it was often sent out along with a crunchy apple.

Project 4: Ration Book – With such a receptive customer base, White Stuff always look for something different, so we developed a bounce back device in the style of a wartime ration book. Inside we offered discount vouchers, carefully chosen 3rd party ads as well as tongue-in-cheek money saving survival tips. Customer response was huge, the press loved it and the whole campaign a huge success.

Project 5: As we slowly become more reliant on technology it was time to offer customers a Digital Detox. This edition of their brochure celebrated a Love of Lo-Fi and had a fun, quirky handmade feel. Features including Balloon Races, Vertical gardening and Easter Egg hunts ran throughout spring complimenting the clothing sections of the book.

Project 6: Samples of brochure covers and spreads for clothing company, to show how we had to ‘reinvent the wheel’ on each edition. Al the catalogues were heavily themed and this theme ran through all marketing channels. The customers began to really look forward to the next seasons theme and were primed and ready to fully embrace what we were doing, which from a retailers point of view is a unique and very welcome place to be.

Project 7: Features on tea-leaf reading and biscuit dunking

Project 8: Season theme, character development and storyline for creative section of clothing catalogue

Project 9: When White Stuff decided to move offices we had to create an image that could be used on mailings, emailshots to announce this to suppliers, staff and the press.

Project 10: Swimwear swing tag. Part of a seasonal garment branding programme.

Project 11: Giant character playing cards for POS window display. One set of the cards also had tabs and slots that interlocked to create a ‘house of cards’ display unit for accessories. Project: Set of discount/promotional vouchers. Despite the client being a ‘cool’ brand we wanted to make the vouchers look like a retro, cheesy, promotion you’d see in a mainstream clothing ‘club book’. We can only make bold design choices like this once we have the customer on board, who in turn would have been disappointed if the promotion was anything less than quirky.

  • Designer Chris Leishman
  • Year 2014
  • Type Everything