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Leishman Originals Gallery – Limited Edition Art Prints

Cool and Funky prints, all limited edition, signed and numbered to order. We reckon it’s what your walls were designed for….more info, see below.

so, a bit of background…

Being a bit of a wannabee art collector, I kinda knew what I liked and what sort of thing was popular. So initially I just created stuff for myself, but soon for friends and family, followed by a few word of mouth commissions.

Hooking up with a mate, also in the industry, we dabbled with rolling this out commercially, and made some good headway, but with lock-down now biting hard, it was impossible to make it work as a new business, from scratch. We could probably print them, but framing and dispatch was too hit and miss to be reliable. So we decided to park it up and concentrate on our day jobs. However, idle hands kept going and soon I’d created a mixed bag of individual, sets and series of art prints. A very welcome, therapeutic piece of self indulgence, with no rules, no restrictions just me having creative fun.

Having now amassed a decent sized collection, it’s now time to share them. So now under the artist name of ‘L’, short for Leishman Originals, here goes. Having sold a few I am now considering setting up an online shop or offering these limited edition prints or one off hand finished prints to collectors and galleries. So, if you want any more info then please call or send me an email and we can discuss the prints, any special sizes etc. Prices will vary depending on size, any hand embellishments and the museum grade paper printed on. But all comparable with similar types of art. The prints are all printed on hand selected museum grade, archival papers, like found in the Hahnemuhle family of papers, using eco-friendly, veg based inks. Probably limited to editions of just 30, each signed and numbered. One off hand embellished versions may also be available

The gallery above hopefully shows a quick snapshot of some of what’s cooking. Let me know what you think, good or bad, I do have thick skin.

Contact Chris on 07771 561416 or email [email protected]  for more details.

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